This section holds many documents relating to many different aspect of Parapsychology.

pdf.gifAn Approach to Understanding Psychotronics [88 Pages, 4.6mb]

pdf.gifBiological Radio Communication, March 1963 [31 Pages, 1MB]

pdf.gifBiological Radio Communication, April 1963 [179 Pages, 6.45MB]

pdf.gifThe Mind/Mind Problem (17 Pages) – This document is a draft of Chapter 20 from “The Evolution of ROBART,” written by H. R. Everett of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, California. In this chapter, the author ponders why a human being’s “conscious mind” does not openly communicate with its “subconscious mind.” In taking a closer look at the interaction between the “conscious” and the “subconscious,” Everett discusses hypnosis, including getting hypnotized, prior-life memories, trance, and human suggestibility; the ideomotor effect; synchronicity; Psi phenomena, including the “telepathic” German horse named “Clever Hans,” psychics and mentalists, and remote viewing; and mirror neurons.

pdf.gif“NO!” to Parapsychology (22 Pages)

pdf.gifOn the Edge of the Fantastic (11 Pages)

pdf.gifThe One Human Problem, Its Solution, and Its Relation to UFO Phenomena (25 Pages) – The author divides development of life in a biosphere into seven stages: (1) development of planet, primordial atmosphere and ocean; (2) appearance of amino acids; (3) appearance of self-replicating supermolecules; (4) formation of one-celled organisms; (5) formation of multicellular organisms; (6) brain linkage of an intelligent technological species; (7) the omega or allness stage. The sixth stage consists of linkage of all individual brains in the species into one single superbrain.

pdf.gifParaphysics R&D – Warsaw Pact (125 Pages)

pdf.gifPsychotronic (Selected Articles) [16 Pages, 2.66MB]

pdf.gifPhenomena Become [sic] Explainable [16 Pages, 1.6MB] – Foreign intelligence records archived/translated by the U.S. Military.

pdf.gifPsychokinesis and it’s Possible Implication to Warfare Strategy (89 Pages)

pdf.gifScientist Advances Hypothesis: Quantum Telepathy? Tells the Doctor of Psychological Sciences (14 Pages)

pdf.gifSoviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research (68 Pages)

pdf.gifTesting for Extrasensory Perception with a Machine [38 Pages, 2.2mb] – Parapsychology, of which extrasensory perception (ESP) is a branch, is not transitory. Since reports of apparently significant ESP performances are increasing in number, it becomes more important to use the most rigorous of experimental techniques in testing the ESP hypothesis. A design of a scientifically rigorous experiment in ESP is presented as an acceptable model for work in this field. This report covers the design of an objective test of three modes of ESP, pretest considerations and planning, final testing, and results obtained using the specially designed testing and recording machine, the VERITAC. Finally, a statistical analysis of the results and a discussion of statistical considerations are presented




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